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You have Questions, We Have Answers.


  1. Policy?
    • Due to the nature of the event (it’s a fundraising event), in general we do not offer refunds. Once you register we are ordering supplies to make sure this event functions properly. We encourage you to find a substitute whenever possible then email: to coordinate the sub’s registration. Prior to May 1st, full refunds (minus fees) can be requested via the same email if you are military and getting deployed or transferring to another base.  Refunds will not be provided after May 1st.
  2. Race insurance?
    • Race Insurance is NOT available for the 2020 race
  3. How to request a refund?
  4. What is the deadline for refunds?
    • Full refunds (minus fees) are available upon written request BEFORE May 1st.
  5. How much is refundable?
    • The cost of your registration MINUS Fees
  6. How will money be refunded?
    • Refunds will be issued back to card used for the original payment.
  7. What if I get assigned TDY, deployment, become pregnant, have a Doctor’s note or scheduling conflict and cannot participate in the race?
  8. Can I transfer my registration to another person?
  9. What info is required to transfer my race to another person (registrant and new person)?
    • First & Last Name, Email, DOB, Shirt Size
  10. Do I get a refund if I transfer to a less expensive race?
    • No


  1. Is there a spectator fee?
    • No. There is no fee to enter the vendor area or observe MudRunners from the Fairway.
  2. Are there bleachers or seating available?
    • Yes. There is limited bleacher seating on the fairway.
  3. Can I bring a chair? Umbrella? Tent?
    • Chair = Yes, Small umbrella = Yes, Tent = No
  4. Where on the course can I watch?
    • Spectators can observe racers from the main fairway, but are restricted from all other areas of the course.
  5. Can I bring a pet?
  6. Can I bring an Emotional Support Animal?
  7. Is smoking permitted?
    • Effective January 1, 2019, smoking and the use of all tobacco products (including e-cigarettes,
    • vaping and smokeless tobacco) are prohibited at all NWF facilities and properties.
  8. Is there food to buy at the race?
    • We typically have at least 1 food/drink vendor on sight.
  9. Can I carry in food?
    • Yes, however, alcohol is prohibited anywhere on the NWFSC campus property.
  10. Where is spectator parking?
    • Spectators and MudRunners alike may park in the NWFSC athletic parking lot nearest the MudRun Registration & Volunteer tents.


  1. Where/when is packet pickup?
    • May 14th, 1600-2200 (4p-8p) at the NWFSC race site.
  2. What do I need to bring to packet pick-up?
    • Photo ID, Signed hardcopy Waiver (copies provided on site if needed)
  3. How will I get my race confirmation?
    • Emailed to you (Save this email to complete registration on race day)
  4. What if I forget my ID?
    • Photo ID is required for packet pick up
  5. What if my name changes between registration and race day?
  6. Can I pick up a packet for another racer? What do I need to bring?
    • Bring a photo copy of their ID and their signed waiver
  7. Do I have to check in on race day if I already got my packet?
    • If you have completed packet pick up, we just recommend arrive at least 45min prior to your race time.
  8. Are there changing rooms?
    • We have a Men’s and Women’s changing tent available.
  9. Where do I leave my stuff during the race?
    • Gear Check is available for a $5 fee.
  10. What water/food is provided post-race?
    • Water is provided at stations throughout the course and bottled water will be provided at the Finish Line. Food/Drink vendors may be available in the Vendor area at the Entrance.
  11. Is food available for purchase?
    • We typically have at least 1 food/drink vendor on sight.
  12. Can i bring food in?
    • Yes, however, alcohol is prohibited anywhere on the NWFSC campus property.
  13. Where can I clean up after the race?
    • A wash area with hoses is provided near the Volunteer tent.
  14. Can I get a race discount if I volunteer?
    • Yes. Volunteers who also register for a 5K,10K or Zero Dark Dirty race are eligible to receive a $25 refund when they check OUT of their volunteer shift.
  15. What do I do if the race I want to run is full?
    • Pick a different race time OR email
  16. Can I run more than one race that day?
    • Yes
  17. Is there a discount for running a second or third race?
  18. Can I run with my child during the kids’ run?
    •  1 Parent/Guardian is permitted (at no cost) to run ALONGSIDE their child(ren) participating in the Kids Race and may provide assistance on obstacles, however, they are not permitted to complete the obstacles themselves.
  19. Do I need to register to run with my child in the kids’ run?
    • No, 1 parent/guardian is permitted to run ALONGSIDE their child(ren) and ASSIST with obstacles.
  20. What are the ages for the kids run?
    • The Kids Run is ideal for 5-12 year olds.
  21. What are the ages for the fun runs? Night run?
    • 10K Elite Warrior & 5K Competitive: age minimum is 14yrs old.
    • 5K Fun Run (daytime): we recommend 12yrs old as the minimum age limit
    • 5K Zero Dark Dirty: age minimum is 14yrs old.
  22. Is there childcare available?
    • Childcare is NOT available. We do provide a KidsZone area where parents may monitor their kids(s) at play on bounce houses and other entertaining activities.
  23. Can I run with a team?
    • Create a team through the Race Registration process.
  24. What time should I arrive for my race?
    • We recommend at least 1 hour before the race start even if you’ve done packet pick up.
  25. What happens if it rains? Bad weather?
    • We’ll run in the rain. We will delay for lightning.  We are not able to reschedule due to the number of runners and volunteers.
  26. How do I see my race time? When can I see it?
    • Official times are posted on Facebook, on our website, and at the Registration tent.
  27. Is there an award ceremony or prize for top racers in the timed races?
    • No award ceremony, but we do have placement prizes for the 10K Elite Warrior Race
  28. If I win a 10K prize, where do I pick it up?
    • At the Registration tent.
  29. I want to run with my friend(s). How do I make sure we’re in the same wave or group?
    • Enter the Race Entrance Start Line together. We count off MudRunners for each wave as they enter the corral.  Teams standing together will be able to enter the corral together.
  30. Do I have to sign a waiver on-site?
    • ALL registrants sign a waiver at the race site.
  31. Do you have medical staff/emergency responders onsite?
    • A team of medics will be stationed throughout the course and our obstacle officiators, the first responder to an emergency, will make the appropriate call for medical assistance.
  32. Can my pet run with me?
  33. Can I bring an Emotional Support Animal?
  34. How will I know if I win a raffle?
    • Winners will be drawn on race day and contacted via email or phone the following week.


  1. How do I register to race?
  2. How do I register to volunteer?
  3. Can I register on race day?
    • Come see us at the Registration Tent. Bring your friends.
  4. Do you offer group discounts?
  5. Can I register for someone else?
    • They/You must still bring a photo ID and signed waiver to Packet Pick Up
  6. Can I change my registration? How?
  7. Can I get a refund if I can’t make it on race day?
    • No
  8. How do I get my race packet?
    • Packet pickup is at the race site May 15th from 4pm-8pm, You can also pick it up on race day (come at least 1.5 hours before your race time)
  9. Do I have to sign a waiver on-site?
    • ALL registrants sign a waiver at the race site.
  10. What do I do if the race I want to run is full?
    • Email and most likely we can transfer you.
  11. How will I know if I won a raffle?
    • We will contact you via the email or phone number you provided.


  1. What sponsorship levels are available? What is included?
  2. How do I get my business logo on the T-shirt?
    • Become a Race Sponsor, Fairway Obstacle Sponsor or an Obstacle Sponsor
  3. Can I run for free if I sponsor?
    • Certain sponsorship levels include complementary race entrants for a limited number of people.
  4. How do I register for my complimentary race spots?
  5. Is there a deadline to register for my complimentary race spots?
    • Race registrations should be complete by MAY 1st.
  6. How do I check in for my race using my complimentary registration?
    • Visit the Registration tent and designated race time line during packet pickup


  1. How do I sign up to volunteer?
  2. Do you offer race discounts to volunteers?
    • Yes. Volunteers who also register for a 5K, 10K or Zero Dark Dirty race are eligible to receive a $25 refund when they check OUT of their volunteer shift.
  3. Can I volunteer with my friend?
    • Absolutely! During the Volunteer Registration process, choose a Shift and Team with enough open spots for you and your friend(s).
  4. Can I only volunteer on race day?
    • We “may” have tasks to be done in the days before and after the race. Register for the CleanUp Team through the regular Volunteer Registration system.  Email for pre-race opportunities.
  5. What time do I need to be there for my volunteer shift?
    • Plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to your registered shift to allow time for parking, check-in and getting to your assigned location on the course.
  6. Will the race get cancelled if it rains?
    • No, we will delay for lighting.
  7. How do I get my T-shirt? Is there a refundable deposit for the shirt?
    • T-Shirt pickup dates/times will be announced. The $5 T-shirt deposit is ONLY refundable when volunteers check OUT of their shift.
  8. What if I can’t make my shift?
  9. Can I split a volunteer shift time with someone else?
    • Only register for a volunteer shift for which you will be available the whole time.
  10. Can I participate in a race DURING my shift?
    • Volunteers who wish to race MUST choose a race time that does NOT conflict with their shift.
  11. Can I bring a pet?
  12. Can I bring an Emotional Support Animal?
  13. What should I bring for my volunteer shift?
    • Water will be provided and snacks per volunteer will be provided either before or after your shift. You should bring weather appropriate clothing, sunscreen, extra water and snacks if you desire.  Volunteers MUST wear their volunteer shirt as their outermost layer.


  1. Do I have to register to race to purchase a raffle ticket?
    • Pre-Race Raffles must be purchased online along with race registration. Raffles may be purchased individually on race day at the Merchandise tent.
  2. How will I know if I win?
    • We will contact you via phone or email address you provide.
  3. Is there a deadline to purchase raffle tickets?
    • Raffles sales will end at 3pm on race day or when raffle tickets are sold out.
  4. Will you ship the prize if I win?
    • Local pick up required.
  5. Can I still buy raffle tickets on race day?
    • Raffles may be purchased individually on race day at the Merchandise tent.

MudRun Merchandise

  1. Can I buy MudRun merchandise online?
    • Visit the Merchandise tent on race day.
  2. Can I buy merchandise on race day?
    • Look for the tent selling swag near the Registration tent.
  3. Do you take credit cards?
    • We accept all credit cards and cash.  No checks.
  4. What merchandise is available this year?
    • Come by the Merchandise tent on race day to find out!

What do I need to bring?

Bring the following items:

  • Photo ID or Student/Military ID
    Participant Waiver  (please read, initial, and sign in advance)
    Know your race and wave time. You’ll receive an email from us about a week before your event with this information and other important race-day details.
    Cash for bag check, food, drinks, and awesome Emerald Coast MudRun swag.
    Appropriate footwear. You will get muddy! No metal cleats allowed.
    A great attitude! We expect MudRunners to encourage and help each other through the course.

Some optional items you may want to bring include:

  • A bag to store your valuables in at our bag check tent. ($5 per bag)
    A change of clothes and a towel. (Yes, we have a rinse off station.)
    Lip balm, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, etc.
    Camera or GoPro. (If you bring a GoPro, be sure to put your name, email address, and phone number on a slip of paper inside of the waterproof case. This is the best chance we have of returning it to you if you lose it on the course.)

Do I have to do all the obstacles ?

  • We do not force anyone to attempt or complete anything that they feel uncomfortable with. We want everyone to feel safe and have fun. Those in the 10K Elite Warrior Race are required to complete the obstacles or face a penalty in order to be eligible for age awards. An example of a penalty would be to complete 15 burpees before they continue on.  There are no enforced penalties for those in non-competitive waves.

Do I have to sign a waiver ?

  • Yes, you will sign an online waiver in order to register. You will also need to print and bring the signed waiver to complete registration. We will email you about a week before the race with the waiver for you to print, sign and bring with you to complete registration. IMPORTANT!! Anyone who is running and is under the age of 18 will have to have their waiver Signed by their parent or guardian. 

Can Friends and Family Come?

  • You’d be crazy not to bring them. Who do you think is going to take that Facebook shot of you crawling through the Final MudPit? There is plenty of fun, food and drinks to keep your spectators having a good time. Check out the SPECTATORS tab above for more info.
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